Invest in Technical Wealth, not Technical Debt!

We believe every software team has the potential for greater success. We’re devoted to helping our customers solve two huge problems in software engineering: 

  1. The short lifetime of production source code, and
  2. The short lifetime of software engineering careers. (Few careers last past 13 years.)

We educate software teams and individuals about proven principles that can be integrated into their daily practices, enhancing their software craftsmanship talent. This ultimately leads to the production of source code characterized by exceptional maintainability and the potential for extensive reuse.

Upcoming Book!

In this book, Edensoft Labs founder Andrew Park will assure you that technical debt doesn’t have to be a losing battle. The substantial investments made in your codebase need not result in a downward spiral into technical bankruptcy.┬áThis book will explain why companies employing 15+ software developers and maintaining an actively developed codebase for 4+ years almost invariably face a steep decline in agility and what can be done about it.

If you are interested in pre-ordering the book, please reach out to us!

Who We Are

Our founder, Engineering VP Andrew Park, developed our Technical Wealth methodology. Our software training and consulting services are grounded in the practical application of these best practices that have helped our parent company produce millions of lines of durable code since 2006. 

These practices have proven effective in real-world projects, similar to the ones you are working on. Now, through Edensoft Labs, these proprietary materials will be introduced to a broader audience for the first time.

We are experts in software and skilled software trainers. Our primary objective is to enhance the talent and efficiency of your software teams through more durable code and more durable software engineering careers.

What We Offer

Within the next year, we will offer hundreds of free resources tailored for both software developers and software leaders. These resources will instruct you in the time-tested, highly effective software development and software talent development best practices of the Technical Wealth methodology. Now companies of all scales can experience the advantages of producing durable code and durable enduring careers for their software professionals.

In addition, we provide paying customers access to SaaS-based productivity tools for software developers, software leaders, and HR personnel to support rapid adoption of the Technical Wealth methodology.