For Business Leaders

How many millions have you spent on software development efforts over the years? $10 million? $25 million? $100 million?

Do you believe that you have that much technical wealth in your codebase? Or do you have a lot less wealth than that because your codebase is drowning in Technical Debt?

Whenever your engineers do Technical Debt sprints, they are throwing away source code that you’ve paid for in the past. Technical Debt leads to thrown-away code.

Sadly, software engineering is the only field of engineering where the work is invisible to the people paying the paychecks. If a developer throws away 1,000 lines of code today, they’re discarding about $25,000 you paid for development and testing. When code is discarded, you will have no idea.

Here at Edensoft Labs, we want to help you invest in Technical Wealth, not Technical Debt. We can help you grow your codebase without producing mountains of technical debt. We advocate for the Technical Wealth methodology, a unique approach to software development that our founder Andrew Park and his team of software engineers have been fine-tuning since 2006.

Our Technical Wealth methodology is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but for teams seeking long-term agility and a solid, reusable codebase, it’s an option worth evaluating. By adopting the principles and methods we offer, you have the potential to instigate a significant transformation in your development processes and enhance the career growth of your engineering staff. Get in touch with us today to start your durable code journey!